Disruptive Innovation and Value Creation in the Digital Economy

Digital disruption is now widely defined as the change that occurs when new technologies, products or business models emerge to create value. While corporates or "incumbents" are already knee-deep into strategies and initiatives that they perceive help them to manage digital disruption, how many truly understand the nature of this phenomenon and why it is happening? How can corporates capitalise on digital disruption to turn problems into opportunities, and ensure business continuity?

A disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders and alliances.

– Clayton M. Christensen (1995)

The 2nd Annual Digital Disruption Asia Summit presents this year’s theme, "Disruptive Innovation and Value Creation in the Digital Economy", where we align pioneering methodologies and business case studies, to lead and demonstrate how to foster agile development and innovative enterprises that create value, for business continuity in the digital economy.

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Content Highlights


Drivers and characteristics of the digital economy.


The role of digital transformation and data-driven decision-making.


Consumer insights, business and market opportunities.


Business case studies in the application of pioneering methodologies such as the Lean Movement, Design Thinking and Customer Development.


Success stories in Disruptive Corporate Innovation and organisational cultural change.


Assessment of business operating models and the search for scalability.


The exponential rise in opportunities from the Internet of Things.


Forward-thinking topics on the Machine Age, cognitive and Artificial Intelligence and other disruptive technologies.

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Driving Disruptive Innovation in the Digital Economy

Bill knows that his company needs to embrace disruptive innovation, but he’s up against some stubborn colleagues who simply do not want to change. Sound familiar? So what can he do? Watch this video to follow Bill’s story and discover how sparks disruptive innovation in his company.

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Meet pioneers in the academic and business worlds in disruptive innovation

Learn upfront, pioneering methodologies and from the latest research findings

Access business case studies to help you with implementation at your own organisation

Network, discuss common challenges and brainstorm strategies with your like-minded peers

Leverage the intellectual capital and mindshare to accelerate idea generation

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